In September, when the visiting artists affiliated with the Collapse show at the VAC were in town,
we took a ride over to Oxford and then to Water Valley.
I have been meaning to go to Water Valley since living in Kentucky
and reading this article:

Specifically, I have wanted to see these places:


Yalo was closed by the time we arrived, but the market was still open:


We need a B.T.C. in Starkville.
Right next to

One of these three fine fellows is asleep,
and I'm a gonna wake him up!

Long live the beauty that comes down and through and onto all of us.
— Laurie Anderson, in memory of Lou Reed

Showcard by Dupree Bostic

Friday Night

On Friday, Rowan Haug and I launched the One-Night Only series with a two-person show of recent explorations. The turn-out was great! I am so excited for students to begin collaborating and exhibiting their work next semester. It is my hope that they will develop their gallery management skills, co-curate across concentrations, and see their work with fresh eyes.

Tomorrow I will document the work, but for now I want to share images of the reception and the excellent space.  The gallery space is the brainchild of Critz and Patrick. It occupies one side of the metal shop, so you can be in a gallery environment without losing sight of the labor of art.


L'Interactive art:

Les artistes:

The night sky lit by the football stadium
in anticipation of the MSU-Alabama game
(it did not go well):

My only regret of the evening was not making it to the Art Walk at 929!

Taiwanese Art at Jackson State University

Last month, I saw a great show
in the Dolly M.E. Robinson Gallery
at Jackson State University:

"Horizon Realm: Contemporary Art from Taiwan"

Before traveling to Mississippi, this show exhibited at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York.
Here is a selection of the fiber pieces; it was especially beautiful to see work minimally lit:

Artist: Te-Yu Wang

Artist: Ping-Yu Pan

Other participating artists:

Wang, Jun-Jieh
Chu, Teh-l
Wu, Dar-Kuen
Yao, Jui-chung
Chen, Chun-hao
Chang, Chung-Fan
Yang, Mao-Lin
Pan, Ping-Yu
Ava Pao-shia Hsueh

In lieu of our regularly scheduled Wednesday night meeting, FiberPaperArt attended the Trashion Show hosted by NOMAS here at MSU. A collaborative effort between the MSU Fashion Board and the School of Architecture, the Trashion Show is a packed event. I squeezed into a last minute seat for front row access that nonetheless resulted in a lot of blurry photos. I decided to go with the flow and present for you here, the photos-so-blurry-they-are-artsy:

The non-professionals: