And in Jones County, Mississippi
a show of works by
Rowan Haug, Robert Ring, and me:

 (I keep forgetting I have the pano feature on my phone. Please forgive the patchwork!)



Shape of a Pocket went up in

in Jonesboro, AR this weekend:

My mother is on a one-year retreat.
She is staying at a convent.

She lives in a simple cabin,
in the woods,
with her dog.

She has begun to paint again.

For Valentine's Day,
she sent her grandson
a sling shot that she made.

Here is the kind of note she sends to me via text or email,
in the course of her solitary days:

"I wish you could see the sky right now, indigo gray.
Would say tornado were I in Kansas.
And the really big high wind in the trees is just plain exciting,
seems to talk with itself--
first here,
then there,
then somewhere I don't know,
round and round."

"I bought a small saw at Lowes to size the sling shot;
the rubber band is the interior of a headband from Walmart;
the fabric for the pouch is part of a Stephanie Brown weaving,
the chord is from my sweat shirt.

"That's my story, loved doing it."

"Practical and valuable knowledge: to walk for one hour burns
2.5 times more calories than walking 45 minutes.
Just briskly, nothing super serious.
It's the hour, not how fast, that charges the metabolism."

It's the hour, not how fast. . . .

One Night Only, February 13, 2015

Hank Washington
Aubrey Pohl
Katie Erickson
Hal Boerner

One Night Only / Spring 2015 launches this Friday!

There's a wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin:
"There are three sorts of people in the world.
Those who are immovable. . .those who are moveable. . .and those who move."

- Sir Ken Robinson

TedTalk, April 2014


January 2015 Activities

Tomorrow in FPA, we will build a 3D digital model
to take over to The Factory next week where
Bryan Patton will vet each design
and select the best for a 1 cu. in. 3D print.

Each Wednesday, FPA offers a simple skill-building product.
Here is a look back on activities of the last three Wednesdays: