Two Fridays ago
Rowan, Molly, and I
bagged the bale of cotton

MSU Fiber and Paper Arts Club

generously donated by
of Yazoo City, MS.

It is going to be great fun using it up.
Project photos to come. . . .

Tim Barnes in Starkville recently
to record the sounds of life here
in anticipation of

Audio & Optics
January 2015
Visual Arts Center
Starkville, MS

Looking forward to this Friday's reception at the Mississippi Museum of Art:

I love to think how tickled my dad would have been 
that one of his Hawaiian shirts made it into a museum.

In the studio, I have been painting "rocks"
- or painting the idea of "rock" -
for two months.

I am playing with surface and substructure.
Thinking of surface as both noun and verb.

the other day,
posted an image
(albeit sideways)
of one of my "rocks":

Endlessly cool.


File under "Summer Travels": A trip to Bentonville, AR

and the

The very first artwork to inhale is
a stunning Roxy Paine sculpture, front and center:

After that, the architecture and the painting collection dominate:

Architect: Moshe Safdie

Best painting ever:


Sculpture Survey students voted on first, second, and third places
in each of the 8 Quick Projects:

Lathed Top
Band Saw Box
Drawer Box
Brazed Nonobjective Form
Welded Representational Form
Plastic Cast
Machine Sewn Bean Bag
Felted Bowls

There were some beauties in the mix:


Fiber and Paper Arts Club hosted an embroidery workshop. Molly put her hard-earned grant from the Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Board to work in the purchase of advanced embroidery software.

The club graciously agreed to test drive.


Printable Masks

Ira Glass on the

Courtesy of Aysen Orhon

Field to Garment:

This is a great audio file on the revival of primitive processes
in the farming of cotton and the effort to bring 
organic Alabama cotton to high end market.

Links to


Oh, beauty!