Sculpture Survey: Groceries

Survey students replicated various grocery items
(A point of discussion was "good stupid"
borrowed from Michel Gondry 
who once told Lauri Faggioni:

"If an idea is any good it is on the verge of being stupid."

Pecan Pie: Wood, aluminum, clay, felt, carboard, digital print

Beets: Wood, wax, paper, paint

Bread: Foam, paint, paper, cellophane, digital print

Cheez Its: Wood, paint

Grapefruit: Wood, paint

Hamburger: Wood, paint, cellophane, digital print

Hershey Bar: Plaster, paint, digital print

Hidden Valley: Plaster, paint, digital print

Honey Bear: Plaster, paint, digital print

Kiwis: Wool (needle felted), fabric, rice

Oranges: Foam, paint

Pink Salmon: Metal (welded), digital print

Porkchops Wood, fabric, paint, styrofoam

Steak: Wood, paint, styrofoam, digital print

Suave: Wood, paint

 Twizzlers: Metal, paint, cellophane, digital print

Eggplant: Wood, paint, paper

Pepper: Wood, paint

Sponge Cake: Foam, vacuum-formed plastic

Goudas: Wood, wax, digital prints

Fiber and Paper Arts Club:

Shirt construction workshop with Nancy Losure

Pattern Layout:

The all important fabric tug:

Fabric cut to pattern:

A brief lesson on tension:

Various fabric selections:

Reading over instructions:


Sewing pockets:

Neck and sleeve binding are all that's missing:


Coffee Hour