With textiles, embroidery, whittling, ceramics, collage, photography and 3D printing, HomeEc references the domestic realm in concept and craft. The participating artists hail from Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New York and contribute a variety of unique considerations of home, domesticity, privacy, tradition, belonging and displacement.

Ceramicist Summer Carmack evokes the tradition of afternoon tea, while Nick DeFord gently rebels against traditional notions of the home front in embroidery and image. Joe Ford's 3D printed cul-de-sac addresses privacy and surveillance. Paul Loughney's collages of floating millwork and destabilized architectural detail face Cara Sullivan's photographs of burnt interiors. Jenna Richards presents ghostly ceramic shells of folded garments - memorials to time and care - while Rowan Haug's paper quilt top floats on ambient air flow suggesting clothes drying on the line. A second work by Sullivan documents a performance in which she mimics the catnap and the charming collection of hand whittled spoons by Marty Haug deliver both a variety and unity of form.

Joe Ford:  Invisible Suburb, 2013
3D printed PLA plastic, plywood

Summer Carmack: Untitled, 2014

Nick DeFord: Whatever, Forever, What For, 2010
Hand-embroidered and stitching on cyanotype illustrations

Nick DeFord: Babble II, 2014
Cardboard letters, staples

 Nick DeFord: Ascencion (Spotless), 2013
Hand-embroidery in book

Marty Haug: Spoons, 2013-14
Cedar, poplar, pine

Rowan Haug: The Inconsistency of Memory, 2008
Paper, vellum, cotton thread

Cara Sullivan: Cat Nap, 2014
Silver gelatin print

Jenna Richards: Stack 1, 2014

Jenna Richards: Stack 3, 2014

Jenna Richards: Stack 2, 2014

Nick DeFord: Home(Sick), 2010
Hand-embroidery, found map

Paul Loughney: Limitations of the Interior 1, 2011

Paul Loughney: Untitled, 2013
Paul Loghney: Commiseration Procession, 2013

Cara Sullivan: Untitled (Living Room), 2013
Silver gelatin print

Cara Sullivan: Untitled (Hallway), 2013
Silver gelatin print

Cara Sullivan: Untitled (Dining Room), 2013
Silver gelatin print